1.1 Course introduction

Welcome to the How to make great life-changing decisions Course!

I am so excited to join you in this life-changing experience

Hello, I am your course host, Ahmed Shoukry. I have helped hundreds make better decisions in life and work through The Decisions Academy. I am absolutely honored to welcome you onboard and congratulate you on joining.

I have designed this course to be specific, easy to understand, and actionable. You will learn how to make great decisions using Anchor System Thinking.

This course is formed of 7 sections. Each section takes you a step further towards your transformation.

Each lesson starts with a recap of the previous lesson, an outline of what you will learn, and ends with a summary.

Lessons are short and come in different formats.

-         Video slide shows

-         At your pace slide shows

-         PDF

-         Text

In the following lesson, you will find the course outline, and in the lesson after you can download the course workbook. You will be using it throughout your learning experience and after the course ends.

After each lesson, you will find its resources, such as video slide shows PDF’s.

This course is condensed and doesn’t take much time to finish. However, making big life decisions is not an easy task. That’s why you are here, and I am here for you. You will learn an innovative approach for making life-changing decisions.

To make the most out of this course, take it slowly. After each lesson, digest and reflect on what you learned. Besides, there will be exercises for implementation.

Before starting, I advise that you take the How to make great decisions Mini-course bundled with this course for FREE.

Again, it’s my honor to have you at The Decisions Academy.

Now let’s do this.


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